Thursday, 18 October 2012

Oh dear...

Just one day before around thirty new cadets are due to arrive, there has been a major plumbing disaster at the halls of residence.

I am told half the building is now unserviceable. My sympathies go out to the staff at the flight school who have to sort out this nightmare. They have been great so far, calling us all individually to explain and booking us into a nearby hotel for (at least) a week until things are sorted out.

Training will now commence next week, which is only a small delay but a bit of an anticlimax after anticipating the 'big day' for the last six months.

All the many friends and family who have (slightly worryingly) requested pictures of me in uniform, you will have to wait just a little longer.

On a brighter note, our liaison pilots have been in touch. These are active British Airways pilots who have volunteered to mentor us through the training process and help us with any questions or problems that arise.

They sound like a very friendly bunch, and have been in the job long enough to have the experience and clout to help us, but not so long they can't remember the trials and tribulations of their own training.

They have made it clear that we can consult them in total confidence about any subject so they will be a really useful resource and — as that sounds rather impersonal — I hope they will be come good friends as well. 

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