Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Exams over!

Pilots get tested relentlessly throughout their career for obvious safety reasons. We trainees are examined significantly more often, and today we completed the first round of school exams — a total of six and a half hours of pencil-chewing split over two days.

We are barely half way through the first phase of study and so cannot be subjected to the 'real' exams yet. These tests are really just to check on the overall progress of the cadets' studies and apparently to keep an eye on the instructors too. Even so, they are drawn from the same question banks as the finals and made as realistic as possible.

The exams are multiple-guess format and are marked by a computer, so we get the provisional results straight away. The class as a whole seems to have done well, with an above average score, but the cadets on the British Airways programme have really proved themselves with some outstanding results.

Personally I was delighted to beat my target and scored an overall 98% average (I am not the only one) with a outrageous 100% in principles of flight, which is our most 'geeky' and academic subject. I knew that theoretical physics degree would come in useful eventually.

Now, if we can round off the week with a victory at the local pub quiz it will be job done!

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