Sunday, 12 May 2013

Job done!

Just a quick update and a lot of numbers for you... after six months, 650 taught hours and many more of private study, about 8000 pages of text book and no less than 39 exams it's all over. The final seven CAA exam papers are complete and all that remains now is a tense wait for the results.

Personally there is only one exam that I have concerns about - Aircraft Performance - as it was the least predictable, included a lot of difficult multi-mark questions and the time available was extremely limited. Perhaps I was having a bad day, but I don't feel that I was able to focus properly and may not have scored well on that one. Only time will tell.

We have just one more week of study in the UK, covering flight safety issues and starting some of the work towards the foundation degree in airline management that is included in our course.

After that, a generous break then we will be jetting off to Arizona to finally get our hands on some aeroplanes.

One more number - 6600 - the number of people who have read this blog. I am genuinely surprised and flattered that it has generated this much interest, and I hope you will keep reading as we progress on to the much more interesting part of our training. Thanks!

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