Sunday, 17 November 2013

Farewell little Warrior...

It was quite an emotional day today — my last ever flight on the single engine Piper Warrior. Just a pleasant cross-country jaunt to make up the fifty hours "pilot in command" time required for the commercial pilot licence. It was an entirely uneventful flight on a lovely day, with a few clouds around to add interest and pretty up the sky and plenty of time to reflect on how far we have all come in the last five months.

Once our class have finished with them in a few weeks, the Warrior fleet will be sold off, replaced by the more modern Archer. Some of them have been in continuous use for flight training with the same school for over thirty years and it's a sad day to see them go

That flight was also the last time I will ever pilot an aircraft alone, at least in a professional capacity. From now on I will always be flying with an instructor or examiner or ultimately with a line captain in the other seat.

On Monday we start on the Seneca twin engine aircraft, a faster and much more complex beast. The training schedule is very intense with several hours flying per day for the next few weeks, leading up to our commercial pilot licence exam and twin engine rating.

And then at long last home to cold rainy England to see my family, friends and my wonderful and very patient wife. I miss you all.

The best part so far? Easy. Aerobatics in the Extra hands down.


  1. Your blog is inspiring to any aspiring Pilot! I've been following it for a while now and never fails to disappoint! How did you find the selection at OAA as I've been fortunate enough to be selected for testing and would like to know what im in for? All the best in your career with British Airways!

  2. Well done, you have come a long way in 5 months, I know it seems an age to your loved ones, and we . await your return for Christmas. I don,t pretend to understand all the technical bits but remain amazed at your eventful. journey. You will need your winter woolies,but not the Biggles jacket until Christmas!


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